Three Potential Causes for a Garage Door to Come Off-Track

empty garage interiorIf your garage door has fallen off its tracks, it is crucial that the area be first secured. An off-track garage door has the potential to be very dangerous, as they weigh hundreds of pounds. To help fix the problem, it is important to also identify the cause so you can prevent it from happening again. Here a few common reasons a garage door can fall off its track.

The rollers have become worn or broken
Garage doors have multiple rollers that slide along the tracks, allowing the door to open and close smoothly. If just one of these rollers wears out, the door has the potential to fall off-track. You can prevent worn rollers by replacing them every five years

The tracks are weak or misaligned
If the horizontal tracks of your garage door cannot handle the door’s weight, they will bend, allowing the door to fall. The heavier your door is, the stronger the tracks should be. The tracks can also become misaligned if the bolts on the bracket that hold them become loose.

It’s been hit by a car
Many of us have been in a hurry while entering or leaving our garage, resulting in accidentally hitting the garage door with our car. This can result in the door’s rollers coming off their tracks, thus leaving the door hanging from its lift cables. If this should happen, you should turn off your car, get out of the garage and call a garage door contractor in Murray, UT. Do not attempt to fix it yourself.

Four Signs Your Garage Door Needs a Repair or Replacement

Garage doors are intended to protect your belongings and vehicles. Not only is a broken garage door an inconvenience, but it can also pose a safety hazard to you, your family and your vehicle. If you have a faulty or broken garage door, factors like the weather, critters, and burglars are given the opportunity to enter through your garage to cause damage to your property. Here are some signs that could indicate you are in need of garage door repair in Murray, UT.

The door is difficult to open (or will not open at all)
While many people fear that an uncooperative garage door means you must replace the system entirely, this is not necessarily true. The issue may be a poor connection between the door and the control panel.

Sections of the door are sagging
Disconnect the opener from the door and open it manually. Bring the door to about midway and leave it there; it should not rise or fall.

The door makes excessive noise
If your garage door’s creaking or straining becomes excessive, you might have a problem with your spring, the opener bracket, or the opener itself.

The door responds slowly
If you observe a delay in operation, something is likely amiss with your opener or door.

Six Tips for Garage Door Safety and Security

Your home garage has numerous uses other than providing a place to park your car. Many families use the garage for storage, a work area, and even play. Whether you are using your garage to park your vehicle or opening it up to other activities, safety and security is always a concern. This is why it is important to contact A-Star Garage for maintenance and garage door repair in Salt Lake City if your garage door is not operating with 100% efficiency. In the meantime, here are a few other tips to take into consideration for garage door safety.

  • Keep the garage door opener button out of the reach of small children.
  • Read the garage door owner’s manual and familiarize yourself with emergency features.
  • Inspect your garage door monthly, ensuring springs, rollers, cables, and pulleys are free from signs of wear.
  • Do not attempt to remove, repair, or adjust garage door components. For ensured safety and accuracy, allow an experienced professional to take care of any maintenance or repairs.
  • Never place fingers between doors, and make sure to explain the dangers of doing so to your children.
  • For security purposes, garage door remote controls should never be left in your car. Thieves search for garage door openers to gain access to homes.

Four Benefits of an Automatic Garage Door Opener

empty double garage with automatic doorWhile a manual garage door may be suitable in certain situations, garage doors that open and close automatically provide additional benefits that make them preferable (and even necessary) in many cases. Here are some of the main advantages of having an automatic garage door.

An automatic garage door opener will help to keep your family, home, and possessions safe. Openers with rolling codes will change each time the door is opened, and the Vacation mode feature will ensure that your garage door can only be opened from the inside.

After your automatic garage door installation in Salt Lake City, you will be given the convenience of not having to exit your vehicle to open or close your garage. This is especially convenient in the event of inclement weather, and you won’t need to leave your children or dog in the car.

With a garage door that closes automatically, you will not need to worry about it crashing down on anyone or anything that may be in the way. For young children, seniors, or anyone with a medical condition, an automatic garage door opener could be essential.

Peace of mind
Remember that a garage door opener can close itself, too. You will benefit from peace of mind if you have children, pets, or if you often forget to close your garage door.